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“Kilinski’s Sabre” Wheelchair Fencing World Cup has been organized in Warsaw, Poland, since 2001. Since the beginnings, the organisers have made every effort to keep the high standards of the tournament, adequately to the rank of the world’s best athletes participating in it. Through the professionalism in organizing the event, great care for details, careful choice and preparation of the venues and active promotion of the tournament, Warsaw wants to pay tribute to the wheelchair fencing athletes and show great deal of admiration for their efforts and craft. For that reason the venues for all the “Kilinski’s Sabre” World Cups were placed in exclusive Warsaw hotels and each year the World Cup Finals are the heart of an official Gala, crowned with the decoration ceremony, during which all the champions are given the main trophy of the tournament – the shining Kilinski’s Sabre. At the Warsaw Wheelchair Fencing World Cup the comfort and well-being of the participants is always the priority. This is why all the bouts of the tournament and the participants’ accommodation are situated in the same venue. It helps the athletes avoid stress and troubles with commuting, which can be strenuous for people with disabilities. It also gives them the opportunity to have a rest and to regenerate in between their fights. All these efforts have already been noticed and appreciated by the participating fencers themselves, and, together with the friendly and homely atmosphere, they contribute to the fact the Warsaw Wheelchair Fencing World Cup “Kilinski’s Sabre” is the world’s biggest wheelchair fencing event, visited annually by the growing number of the athletes with disabilities. No doubt, this is the result to be proud of, but it also means a great responsibility to keep these standards in future.
(Integracyjny Klub Sportowy AWF)
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